Ryan Phillippe has filed a legal response to soon-to-be ex-wife Reese Witherspoon's divorce claim, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

In his filing submitted Tuesday, Phillippe, 32, cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split, and also seeks joint custody over their two kids, daughter Ava, 7, and son Deacon, 3.

The documents ask that child visitation be "equally allocated."

Phillippe is not asking for any spousal support from Witherspoon, nor is he blocking her from requesting any from him.

Witherspoon initially filed for divorce in November after the couple announced their separation on Oct. 30. She had requested that the court not grant any spousal support to Phillippe.

For about the past two months, Witherspoon has been spending time with Jake Gyllenhaal, 26, her costar in the upcoming CIA thriller Rendition.




Joint Custody不錯啊!至少是對孩子最好的選擇,他不用選邊站,也不用失去任何一方。但以上只是我的觀點。


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