《NCIS》本家我看的不多。沒辦法,現在追的劇已經夠多了!而且從中間看總是覺得缺少了些什麼。現在《NCIS》開分店,還由Chris當家。哈!婕兮說什麼都要追追追啦!就像眾家《CSI》中,婕兮最愛的就是有Gary Sinise的New York啦!

2009年真是好年,很愛不務正業的Alicia Silverstone & Chris O'Donnel都紛紛動作頻繁。尤其是Chris,你可是有五個孩子要養的人耶!趕快給我積極工作吧!

Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J are in talks to star in CBS' "NCIS" spinoff

The pilot for an offshoot from the hit procedural will air as an episode of "NCIS" this spring, just as the pilot for "NCIS" aired as an episode of "JAG."

O'Donnell would play Callen, an average guy born to do undercover work as the ultimate chameleon, taking on different identities.

LL Cool J is eyed for the role of Sam Hannah, a former U.S. Navy Seal who is tough but charming.

CBS has been hot on LL Cool J. In 2006, the network signed the actor-rapper to a rich development deal, which led to him starring in the 2007 CBS pilot "The Man."

Meanwhile, "Pushing Daisies" star Anna Friel has emerged as the most sought-after actress this pilot season. She has three offers to choose from: ABC dramas "I, Claudia" and "Eastwick" and CBS drama "House Rules." Friel's "Daisies" co-star Lee Pace was offered a pilot but passed.

Chris O'Donnell confirmed for NCIS spinoff

Film star finalizes deal to join LL Cool J on new CBS procedural.

It's not exactly surprising, but it is official. Chris O'Donnell will lead the newest Naval Criminal Investigative Service after all. The star of Scent of a Woman has finalized his deal to be the lead in CBS' NCIS spinoff, says The Hollywood Reporter.

As previously reported, O'Donnell will play NCIS agent Callen, a legend in the field and leader of the new squad. He'll be joined by LL Cool J, who plays a former Navy SEAL, and Louise Lombard, Peter Cambor, and Daniela Ruah. All the characters will be introduced in an episode of NCIS later this year, with the series expected to take off on its own next fall.

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