Finally, the Tour Guide Licence Exam is over today, although the result is not satisfy, but I'm still happy it's over. ENDED!!!

Well, What I gonna do next????!!!

First All, I will finish my DVD list. It's a hugh work to do and takes a lots time. Then, I'll watch moive that I planed to watch this mounth. I haven't watch any yet!! It's unbelievable to me!!!

Oh, I still got lots of TV series to go!! Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Cold Case, CSI, the classic How I Met Your Mother...blah blah blah...Wait! BOOKS... I bought a lots of books and I havn't had time to read it and I think it's about time to start to it!!!

Don't Forget FRENCH!! I have to reviewal my FRENCH lesson every week, otherwise I can't catch up class schedule.

Y'know, BUSY!!

BTW, This is the first time that I published article in English.
I got a little bit of awkwardness for doing that 'coz my poor English, especially in grammar and vocabulary, but I think I should practice using English more often, that's why I still wrote in Enlish.

Well, if anyone fine out mistakes in my article, PLEASE currect it out, I'll be very grateful!!!
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