It seems there are advantages to playing Meredith's spurned lover on Grey's Anatomy. Chris O'Donnell, who hasn't headlined a major film since 2000's Vertical Limit, just landed a role opposite Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis in Max Payne, Twentieth Century Fox's live-action adaptation of Rockstar Games' shoot-'em-up game.

Payne is the story of a cop (Wahlberg), haunted by the death of his family, who's hot on the heels of a series of new murders. O'Donell will play executive Jason Colvin. John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines) is directing the crime noir drama, which is currently shooting in Toronto, from a script by newcomer Beau Thorne.

by Nicole Sperling


Chris O'Donnell is Back! And in 'Max Payne!'

No, unfortunately, they didn't decide to write in a role for Robin at the last minute, Dark Knight fans. But according to Entertainment Weekly, our old friend Chris O'Donnell looks to be returning to the big screen in a pretty big way. Apparently the dude has landed a role in Max Payne, that video game adaptation starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis (strange on-screen coupling, but I dig it). Folks who aren't too familiar with Kunis, or simply remember her from those days on That 70's Show, will need to check out this gal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Not only is she about to become the next HOT thing, but she's definitely a better actress than, say, Jessica Alba.

But back to my man O'Donnell. At one point, this guy was the go-to, guy-next-door actor. Then ... nada. Now, however, O'Donnell has taken a page from the Patrick Dempsey playbook by starring in several episodes of Grey's Anatomy. (Not only do they revive patients on that show, but they also revive entire careers!) EW says O'Donnell will play executive Jason Colvin in the film, which is based on Rockstar Games' shoot-'em-up game. Wahlberg will play a cop whose family was slain, while Kunis is an assassin out to avenge her sister's death. Together ... well, I'm sure a lot of "sparks" will fly.

Max Payne currently has an October 17th release date.

by Erik Davis



《Max Payne》是改編自同名電玩,台灣命名為《江湖本色》

男主角Max Payne由Mark Wahlberg飾演,是一名被誣陷謀殺罪的紐約市臥底警察。而Chris飾演的角色名為Jason Colvin,是一個政府官員。目前找不到詳細的角色介紹。


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